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K&N Powersports Oil Filters contain a modern synthetic filter media, designed for ultimate flow with less pressure drop, yet engineered for outstanding filtration. This K&N powersports 'spin-on' oil filter features a heavy-duty metal canister, a double-rolled base plate, pre-lubed base seal and is zinc coated to protect from contamination.

This Part Fits:

Year Make Model Submodel
1989-1993 BMW K1 Base
1983-1986 BMW K100 Base
1987-1992 BMW K100LT Base
1989-1992 BMW K100LT ABS Base
1983-1988 BMW K100RS Base
1988-1989 BMW K100RS ABS Base
1991-1992 BMW K100RS FL Base
1991-1992 BMW K100RS FL ABS Base
1985-1988 BMW K100RT Base
1993-1999 BMW K1100LT Base
1997 BMW K1100LT High Line Base
1997 BMW K1100LT Special Edition Base
1993-1995 BMW K1100RS Base
2004 BMW K1200GT Base
1998-2008 BMW K1200LT Base
2003 BMW K1200LT Exodus Base
1999-2002 BMW K1200LTC Base
1999-2001 BMW K1200LTI Icon Base
1999-2000 BMW K1200LTS Base
1997-2004 BMW K1200RS Base
1999 BMW K1200RS Dakar Base
1988-1995 BMW K75 Base
1995 BMW K75/3 Base
1995 BMW K75/3A Base
1994 BMW K75A Base
1986-1988 BMW K75C Base
1990-1992 BMW K75RT Base
1991-1995 BMW K75RT ABS Base
1987-1992 BMW K75S Base
1991-1995 BMW K75S ABS Base
1986-1987 BMW K75T Base
1994-1995 BMW R1100GS Base
1995-1999 BMW R1100GS ABS Base
1999 BMW R1100GS SE Base
1995-2000 BMW R1100R Base
1999 BMW R1100R SE Base
2001 BMW R1100RL Base
1993-1994 BMW R1100RS Base
1994-2001 BMW R1100RS ABS Base
1994-1995,1999-2001 BMW R1100RT Base
2000 BMW R1100RT SE Base
1998-2005 BMW R1100S Base
1999,2002,2004-2005 BMW R1100S ABS Base
2002 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Base
2003-2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replica Base
2000-2001 BMW R1100SA Base
2000 BMW R1100SA SE Base
1999-2004 BMW R1150GS Base
2002-2005 BMW R1150GS Adventure Base
2003 BMW R1150GS Sport Base
2001-2006 BMW R1150R Base
2002-2006 BMW R1150R Roadster Base
2001-2004 BMW R1150RS Base
2001-2005 BMW R1150RT Base
1998-2002 BMW R1200C Base
2000-2003 BMW R1200C Avantgarde Base
1997-2005 BMW R1200C Classic Base
1998-2002 BMW R1200C Euro Base
2000-2004 BMW R1200C Independent Base
2000-2003 BMW R1200C Montana Base
2004-2005 BMW R1200C Montauk Base
2000-2002 BMW R1200C Phoenix Base
2001 BMW R1200C Stiletto Base
2002-2006 BMW R1200CL Base
2001 BMW R850C Avantgarde Base
2001 BMW R850C Classic Base
2000-2001 BMW R850C Euro Base
1995-2001 BMW R850R Base
1996 BMW R850R ABS Base
1997 BMW R850R Special Edition Base
K&N BMW 3.031in OD x 3.531in H Oil Filter
K&N BMW 3.031in OD x 3.531in H Oil Filter Sale price$15.99